Midac entered the market in 1989 and has kept pace with the innovations of its field. This modern company was designed and built to house the entire production line and is supported by the most advanced technologies that the sector has to offer. In 1992, Midac began producing lead-acid automotive batteries and motive Power batteries.

This was followed by the design and production of the stand-by Power battery, based on research and development combining the traditional lead-acid types and the valve-regulated sealed batteries.

Midac bases its philosophy on:

Midac conducts laboratory tests on raw materials (physical and chemical) and finished products (mechanical, functional and styling) in order to offer maximum production reliability.

By its research into the accumulation and exploitation of energy Midac has entered and now produces innovative batteries for new market sectors, Telecommunications, Alternative Energy, Emergency Systems, Nautical and other special uses, and is therefore able to compete with the leading operators in each field of application.

The strength of a company like Midac, therefore, lies in its efficiency and dynamism, supported by an advanced information system which allows it to be kept abreast with global market changes.


Midac power pasionLead-Acid Batteries for:

Vision: passion, dedication, innovation, to achieve excellence.

Mission: become European leader on the manufacturing of energy accumulators, on full respect of the environment and promoting the Made in Italy, creating the right value for the stakeholders.

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