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The main positions in the field of quality and environmental protection of our organization are the following:

  • The quality and reliability of products / services, customer satisfaction and continuous trust of customers / users while lowering operating costs and increase profitability, is the first business priority in all our activities. 
  • Provide and continuously improve the quality of the task and responsibility of all managers, which is reflected in the philosophy of management to improve business processes and creating a harmonious business system.
  • Planning and responsibility for creating the workflow of all business processes, continuous improvement and quality assurance function belongs to each individual in the organization and the job we do, with the ultimate goal to become the rule rather than the exception, which is the distinctive style of the organization.
  • In business relations to be oriented to the affiliates who promote and develop its business systems, giving particular importance to the inviolability of their integrity, the principles of creativity and the development of business ethics.
  • The management and all employees establish a climate of cooperation, trust and overall satisfaction, and commitment to the organization that is based on involvement of employees in creating business processes, taking care of common goals, needs and interests, which allows activation of all human resources and creative potential.
  • Social Responsibility activities directed towards the development and improvement of socio-cultural activities through personal involvement and the financial and moral support.
  • Increase the overall environmental performance in all our processes is a top priority, which is achieved by implementing and maintaining systems of environmental management and compliance with this policy.
  • In our process we try to reduce any negative environmental impacts on the environment. In particular, we aim to have to cancel the broadcast into the air to reduce water use and wastewater discharge, so we will apply the latest technologies to prevent pollution of the environment.
  • To achieve the environmental improvements we have established environmental objectives and implement in order to continually improve environmental performance.
  • We are committed to technology and processes in conformity with the binding legal regulations and all rules of conduct in the field of sales, service, construction and maintenance relating to our environmental impact.
  • Our organization is committed to environmental issues and opinions of all stakeholders taken into account when making decisions that affect environmental performance.
  • All employees are trained and motivated to undertake their tasks done in a manner appropriate environmental policies and goals. Maintains communication with the employees that they are aware of the policy and participate in the work of environmental protection in the workplace and the environment.
  • We perform regular environmental audits of our processes to ensure compliance with the policy and aim to be environmentally responsible organization.

All employees of the "PLATTNER" - to be obliged to implement and maintain a system of quality management and environmental protection according to standard SRPS ISO 9001: 2008 and SRPS ISO 14001: 2005 and strive to continuously improve its effectiveness. 
This policy is available to external parties.

Bačka Palanka, 21.09.2011
General Manager
Nenad Plattner

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