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Elite Club


Quality management system and environmental protection certification involved processes of sales & distribution, storage of full product portfolio in Plattner company.

ISO 9001 
With introduction of ISO 9001 standard following processes has been improved

 ISO 14001 
Environment protection management system


The Distributor Product Integrity Manual (DPIM) is an integral part of our Global system to manage Product Integrity – within ExxonMobil and throughout the distributor and licensee network.

The Distributor Product Integrity Manual (DPIM) helps maintain a continuous chain of product integrity from ExxonMobil to the customer. The DPIM helps to identify critical checkpoints and to standardize procedures. In this way, DPIM helps to ensure that all ExxonMobil product conforms to requirements.



Product Quality
Product Quality means all products that we – ExxonMobil and its distributors and licensees – supply to our customers must meet all product specifications and Quality Assurance / Quality Control requirements…
… from the time the product is manufactured >> until it reaches the end user.
Avoiding contamination and ensuring that the customer receives product as originally blended is critical to maintaining the excellent brand reputation that ExxonMobil and its Distributors enjoy in the marketplace.

Product Performance means maintaining the designed product performance over the entire product lifecycle. All changes that could impact a product's performance must be carefully managed to ensure the designed performance is maintained.

Product Representation means that we must ensure that all our products are accurately represented to our customers at all times. This includes correct product information on labels, data sheets and advertising.

Regulatory compliance
Product Regulatory Compliance means complying with all applicable legal or regulatory requirements, including product health and safety requirements.


ExxonMobil Elite Club

The ExxonMobil Elite Club program recognizes and rewards those ExxonMobil Lubricants Strategic Distributors throughout Europe and Africa Middle East for their commitment to strategic alignment and best business practice. Input to the award, which includes the use of this Elite Club logo, includes branding alignment and training and is announced on a yearly basis.

Plattner company is among top three strategic distributors for over 7years.

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